MP3 Tour

MP3 Walking Tour

“Take a self-guided tour on your MP3 player”

Visitors can download an audio-guided walking tour [English] [Spanish] [Chinese] of the Yale campus and listen on their own MP3 players [requires WinZip, available in a free evaluation version]. The tour begins at the Yale Visitor Center, 149 Elm Street, and includes 32 additional stops. These are detailed on a printable map [pdf], which also indicates the audio tour’s corresponding track numbers, so that visitors can tailor the tour to their own interests.

The audio portion of the tour lasts about 40 minutes; including walking time, the entire tour should take about 90 minutes.

“Tome una visita autoguiada en su reproductor MP3.”

Visitantes pueden descargar una grabación de una “visita a pie guiada” [español], del campus de Yale y escucharla en sus reproductores MP3 [requiere WinZip, disponible en una versión gratuita de evaluación]. La “visita a pie,” cual incluye 32 paradas, comienza en el Centro de Visitas de Yale (Yale Visitor Center), 149 Elm Street. Las paradas son detalladas en un mapa imprimible [pdf] que también indica los números correspondientes de la pista de la grabación, de modo que los visitantes pueden adaptar su visita a sus propios intereses.

La grabación contiene aproximadamente 40 minutos de información. La visita a pie completa, incluyendo tiempo para caminar, toma cerca de 90 minutos.



访客可以把介绍耶鲁大学校园的中文MP3声带下载到阁下的MP3播放机里 [需要 WinZip解密器,可免费试用]。旅程起点位于榆树街149号 (149 Elm Street) 的耶鲁访客中心,一共33站。每一站的详细介绍都按招声带的编号标志在此pdf地图上,可自行打印使用。欢迎访客按自己的兴趣安排旅程。


Sterling Memorial Library

Join David McCullough, Yale class of 1955, and two time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, on this tour of Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library. Designed by architect James Gamble Rogers in the Collegiate Gothic style, Sterling Memorial Library was completed in 1930. It is the central library building on campus and home to Yale’s collection of books in the humanities and some social sciences, as well as a number of special collections. A magnificent building reminiscent of a great European cathedral, it has inspired generations of students and scholars.