Jonathan Edwards College: Sarah Edwards

Downstairs in Jonathan Edwards College lay two stone benches, reproductions of the tombstones of Sarah Edwards (described here as a “Friend, Neighbor, Mother, Wife, and Christian”) and her husband, Reverend Jonathan Edwards (BA 1720, M.DIV 1722). In 1727, Sarah Pierrepont married Jonathan Edwards, who had been the only boy among eleven children and had graduated from Yale at 16, valedictorian of his class. Together, they raised eleven children. While her contemporary, the Reverend George Whitefield, described her as having a “meek and quiet spirit,” Sarah Edwards also “talked freely and solidly of things of God, and seemed to be such a helpmeet for her husband.” As her husband died of smallpox after serving only two months as president of Princeton College, the actual gravesites can be visited in the Presidents Lot in the Princeton Cemetery.