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Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Podcast
October 11, 2020

Graduate school has a way of throwing curve balls at students, however, few students expect to completely change their research project entirely — especially during a pandemic. Mary Petrone, a PhD student in the Lab of Dr. Nathan Grubaugh at the Yale School of Public Health, did exactly that. In this conversation with Brian Thompson, a fellow PhD student at the Yale School of Public Health, she discusses the COVID-19 Pandemic and the implications that it has for her PhD research and career trajectory.

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From Stoeckel to Hindemith: The Early Years of the Yale School of Music
October 9, 2020

In 2019-2020, the Yale School of Music celebrates its 125th anniversary. The Music Library and the School of Music have been partners from the beginning, so we are delighted to take this opportunity to highlight some major figures in the early history of the YSM: Gustave Stoeckel, Horatio Parker, Paul Hindemith, and Charles Ives.

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America and the Utopian Dream
October 6, 2020

The following pages introduce American utopias through literary works and manuscript collections in the Beinecke Library. From Thomas More’s famous Sixteenth Century work that introduced the word “Utopia” through Thoreau’s Walden to Neal Stephenson’s 1992 Snow Crash, writers of novels, essays, and political tracts addressed an imagined future in which human beings designed new ways to live in community. Illustrating the opposite view are a handful of dystopian novels such as Ray Bradbury’s Farenheit 451, the 1953 portrayal of a world where the written word is forbidden.

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Norfolk 2020 Virtual Concert Series | Emerging Artist Showcase: Mozart, Beethoven & Schumann
October 6, 2020

Welcome to the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival’s 2020 Virtual Concert Series. We are pleased to share this performance from 2018 as part of the town of Norfolk’s annual Weekend In Norfolk. EMERGING ARTIST SHOWCASE Recorded live at the Music Shed on on July 26, 2018.

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On the Environment - Yale Center for Environment Law & Policy
October 6, 2020

Katie Dykes, the Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, joins Alix Kashdan (FES ’20) and Liz Bourguet (FES ’20) during the Yale Environmental Dialogue to talk about her new role as Commissioner, including her energy goals for the state and what she is most excited to work on.

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