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An Honor to Dr. King’s Legacy
January 18, 2022

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Patricia Melton, president of New Haven Promise, and President Salovey discuss helping students overcome obstacles to attending college.

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An Inside Look: Urban Green Roofs for Bird Conservation
January 18, 2022

From pavement to sidewalks to large buildings, urban landscapes generally offer limited opportunities to create new bird habitat. Green roofs, however, can be used as a conservation tool for breeding and migratory birds.

 Dustin R. Partridge, PhD is the Senior Ecologist & Green Infrastructure lead at New York City Audubon, and Managing Director of the Green Roof Researchers Alliance. Dr. Partridge’s research examines wildlife interactions with green infrastructure and the surrounding urban matrix, with a specific focus on green roofs.

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ART 185 Principles of Animation, Fall 2021
January 18, 2022

Watch a sample video from the Yale course ART 185, Principles of Animation from the Fall 2021 semester.

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Conserving Time-Based Art at the Wurtele Study Center
January 18, 2022

In addition to storing over 42,000 objects from across the Gallery’s encyclopedic collection, the Margaret and Angus Wurtele Study Center is a site for the conservation of time-based media, a category that includes films and works of computer-based, video, and sound art, which unfold to the viewer over time. These objects pose unique challenges for conservators because they are contingent upon technologies that are constantly being innovated and therefore carry the threat of obsolescence. Join Roksana Filipowska, Wurtele Study Center Programs and Outreach Manager, and Madeline Smith, Postgraduate Associate in Time-Based Media Conservation, for an introduction to conserving time-based artworks, along with a consideration of what museum professionals look for when researching their provenance.

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Depression, Ketamine & Navigating the Mental Health Care System with Gerard Sanacora & Ashley Clayton
January 18, 2022

In this final episode of the Addy Hour for 2021, clinician and researcher Dr. Gerard Sanacora and mental health activist Ashley Clayton join to share insights about mental health, depression, and research, as well as access to effective clinical care and resources. 

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