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Clean Energy Future Episode Two: When a door closes, a wind(ow) opens
July 19, 2021

In this episode, explore how the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating the demise of the fossil fuel industry, and how this clean energy transition can bring benefits to rural communities if we use stimulus money to create more jobs. Dr. Laura Bozzi, Governor Phil Bredesen, and Adele Ferranti all contribute to our understanding of an equitable transition for rural communities in this episode.

Listen to the podcast here

Dura-Europos: Excavating Antiquity
July 19, 2021

The archaeological site of Dura-Europos, in modern Syria, is a fascinating crossroads of ancient cultures. It is perhaps best known for the important finds unearthed during the excavations in the 1920s and 1930s sponsored by Yale University and the French Academy of Inscriptions and Letters. These discoveries included a shrine to the god Mithras, a synagogue whose assembly room walls were covered with painted biblical scenes, and one of the earliest Christian house churches. The paintings and sculpture from these buildings—and the over 12,000 artifacts of daily life excavated by the archaeologists now preserved at the Yale University Art Gallery—present a vivid picture of life in a Roman city in the third century A.D.

Explore the online exhibit here

Representing Counterculture: Selections from Exit Art’s Print Portfolios
July 19, 2021

From 1982 to 2012, Exit Art served as an alternative gallery and workspace for marginalized, avant-garde artists. Its annually issued print portfolios exemplify the many themes, ideas, and artists given a platform by this influential arts organization. Please join Jenna Marvin, the Marcia Brady Tucker Fellow, Department of Photography at the Yale University Art Gallery, and Elissa Watters, the Florence B. Selden Senior Fellow, Department of Prints and Drawings, for a discussion of select prints from these portfolios.

Watch the lecture here

AREAS, Episode 2: The Underground
July 13, 2021

AREAS is designed by the Yale Student Immersive Media collective—an initiative founded in 2019 by students in the Arts, Computer Science and Computing and the Arts disciplines with support from CCAM’s Blend Reality Program, which aims to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds, “easing the transition of an idea from imagination, to design, to realization.”

Enjoy the virtual look at the Underground in the Yale Schwarzman Center here

Ethiopic Manuscripts and Global Books with Kristen Herdman: Mondays at Beinecke
July 13, 2021

Kristen Herdman is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Medieval Studies program. Her research interests are rooted in art-historical approaches to manuscript studies, with special attention to fifteenth-century medieval devotional books and the complex relationship between text and image. Herdman discusses Ethiopic Manuscripts in the Beinecke Library collections and the overall Global Books initiative.

Watch her discussion on this collection here