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50 Years of Women's Varsity Athletics at Yale: A Historic Retrospective
January 3, 2023

“50 Years of Women’s Varsity Athletics at Yale: A Historic Retrospective” was co-curated by Michael Lotstein, University Archivist, Jeanne Lowrey, Associate University Archivist, Gracie Anderson, MA candidate, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Mahdere Yared, Class of 2025 (Benjamin Franklin College).  They were advised by Lawrie Mifflin, Class of 1973, Jennifer O’Neil, Assistant Director, Athletics Director’s Office, and Trip Kirkpatrick, Class of 1993, Technical Lead, Library Information Technology.  

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Craft & Career: Lisa Kereszi, MFA '00, photographer, professor, Art DUS Yale School of Art
January 3, 2023

The Craft & Career series connects with professional creatives from the arts, entertainment, and media industries, to discuss the nuances of their craft, the reality of their careers, and how, in often surprising ways, these two concerns can work together.

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Give an Elder a Mic: Regina Whiteskunk with Sháńdíín Brown
January 3, 2023

Regina Whiteskunk (Ute Mountain Ute), a tribal leader, advocate for Indigenous lands, and master’s candidate at Western Colorado University in environmental management shares a glimpse of her life and work with Sháńdíín Brown (Diné), the Henry Luce Curatorial Fellow for Native American Art at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence.

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Madagascar: Journeys Through Time
January 3, 2023

A giant asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago and wiped out three-quarters of the world’s animals. Madagascar lost nearly all of its animal species, from dinosaurs and vegetarian crocodiles to towering, flightless birds and the largest frogs in history. Despite being surrounded by deep seas and virtually inaccessible, that once empty island is now a biodiversity hotspot, famous today for its lemurs and other unique wildlife. What happened? And what can we learn from the island’s radical changes? Drawing on her new book “The Sloth Lemur’s Song: Madagascar from the Deep Past to the Uncertain Present”, Alison Richard explores the answers and offers a reading from this recently published “encyclopedia of wonders.”

The Case for Women in Catholic Church Leadership
January 3, 2023

Yale Divinity School alumna Kerry Robinson discusses advocating for women in leadership positions in the Catholic Church, offers advice on best practices in the field of fundraising, and shares how a YDS professor gave her the best advice she ever received.

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