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Conversations Across Divides with ISM Fellow Kati Fitzgerald
January 27, 2022

Kati Fitzgerald explores the embodied religious performance and practices of Tibetan Buddhist lay women in her ISM Fellows Project, “No Pure Lands: The Contemporary Buddhism of Tibetan Lay Women.”

Listen to the Institute for Sacred Music podcast here

Peabody Science Café: Life on Other Planets
January 27, 2022

Astronomer Debra Fischer and anthropologist Lisa Messeri tackle our biggest, unanswered questions: are there other planets likely to support life in the universe? How do we locate and learn about those distant worlds? And how does our human perspective shape the way we imagine and look for extraterrestrial beings? Experts are brought together from different disciplines for a broader understanding of the intriguing search for alien life. 

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Platform Socialism: An alternative to Big Tech with James Muldoon
January 27, 2022

James Muldoon talks about what is wrong with platform capitalism, and how we might redesign the platform economy with ideas about platform socialism. He covers the problems with progressive capitalism and antitrust, and proposed socialist solutions to the digital economy, including projects that are already in existence.

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The Dog and the Crocodile
January 27, 2022

“The Dog and the Crocodile,” is based on one of Aesop’s fables. The story is paired with a woodblock print by the Uruguayan-American artist Antonio Frasconi titled “The Dog and the Crocodile” (1950), from the Yale University Art Gallery’s collection.

Enjoy the story and explanation here

These are Still Situationist Times with Jacqueline de Jong
January 27, 2022

Jacqueline de Jong has been a strong and fiercely independent voice of resistance since the fiery debut of her Situationist Times in 1962. Joining from her home in Amsterdam, Jacqueline talks about the tense dynamics of art and protest in the 1960s, from the disputes with Debord that shaped first issue of The Situationist Times to her defiant posters for the Atelier Populaire during the Parisian uprisings of May 1968; her latest work, including the long-delayed seventh number of the Situationist Times; and her latest paintings, inspired by the immigration crisis in Europe, currently on display in the solo exhibition Border-Line at Ortuzar Projects in New York.

Watch the lecture here