Virtual Yale

Furniture Study Talk, The Pursuit of Comfort: Upholstery in America
July 13, 2021

Leather and woven textiles used to upholster furniture have long added color and luxury to American interiors. In this special-topic tour of the Leslie P. and George H. Hume, B.A. 1969, American Furniture Study Center, Patricia E. Kane, Friends of American Arts Curator of American Decorative Arts, and Catherine Silverman, Assistant Conservator of Objects and Furniture, consider traditional upholstery techniques and materials, from 18th-century reindeer hide to 20th-century textiles produced for the furniture design firm Knoll. Generously sponsored by the Martin A. Ryerson Fund.

Watch the presentation here

Inside the Yale Admissions Office - The Activities Section
July 13, 2021

As part of the whole-person review process, the Yale Admissions Committee consider each applicant’s engagement with “extracurricular activities” – pursuits and commitments outside of typical academic work. Admissions officer Reed joins Hannah and Mark to discuss how application readers evaluate extracurricular activities and how applicants can stand out in this part of the application. The trio expand on some simple advice for selecting and engaging with activities: Be Active. At the right level for you. Doing what you like.

Listen to the podcast episode here

The Addy Hour: Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health with Shino Prater and R. Kweku Smith
July 13, 2021

What’s our perspective as we all deal with challenges and traumas in our lives and the lives of those around us? How do we find balance between giving to and caring for our communities, while not spreading ourselves too thin? And how do we meet people where they are, with sincerity, empathy and compassion, without being dismissive? This week, NYC Pastor, Shino Prater, and Psychologist, activist, and urban education expert, Dr. R. Kweku Smith, join for an honest, challenging, refreshing and relatable conversation about their mental, physical and spiritual health journeys over the last year, both in their personal lives and professionally.

Listen to the podcast discussion here

How the Rabbit Got to the Moon
July 5, 2021

This month’s story from the Stories and Art project at the Yale University Art Gallery is called “How the Rabbit Got to the Moon.” It is based on a legend from the Huastec people, who live on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The story is paired with a Mexican censer in the shape of a rabbit head (1200–1521) from the gallery’s collection.

Enjoy the story here

Off the Grid Virtual Gallery Introduction
July 5, 2021

This video introduces Yale Schwarzman Center’s Off The Grid Virtual Gallery that features student-generated art that speaks to space, change, social justice and truth during the pandemic. 

Watch the introduction to this gallery here